KP Solutions is delighted to be able to offer CV writing services in association with  The Directors of are leading international career specialist and contributor in CV preparation and career achievement to various global career guides and software packages!

What does it cost?

Our CV's are competitively priced:

      Students (less than 2 years full time work experience)            $ 139.00 (+GST)

      General Staff                                                                                       $ 189.00 (+GST)

      Technical (e.g. Engineering / IT)                                                     $ 239.00 (+GST)

      Team Leader / Supervisory                                                              $ 239.00 (+GST)

      Middle / Upper Management / Consulting                                     $ 269.00 (+GST)  

      Senior Management / Directorate Level
     (e.g. Regional Manager / G.M. / M.D. / C.E.O.)                                $ 349.00 (+GST)
KP Solutions reserves the right to determine the level of pricing on a case by case basis - We will of course be fair!

What do I Receive?

For your investment you receive:

  • A CV that 'sells' you to your chosen market and level of position that you are seeking.  Your CV is also designed to be easily changed by you to appeal to other roles and markets at your discretion.   All information on the most effective way to complete these changes are supplied by KP Solutions free of charge.
  • An electronic file copy of your resume in MS Word format saved onto a CD.
  • You automatically become a member of the KP Solutions Career Club' entitling you to FREE email and telephone based support for any of your questions on cover letters, interviews as well as general career issues!
  • FREE covering letter report and a free template you can complete and email to us to check free of charge.
  • FREE Interview Tips Report, helping you to put your best foot forward!
  • Our 30 Day Interview Guarantee! (For further information, click here!)


When / How Do I Pay?

You will receive an invoice when you obtain the first draft of your CV via email with seven day payment terms.  You may pay KP Solutions Ltd via bank direct debit or cheque


What Is The Process?  How Long Does It Take For You To Complete My CV?

  1. Once we have received a copy of your old CV electronically OR received your data from our online form (click here to start), we will contact you to discuss your information.
  2. We will then create a list of specialist questions specifically aimed at ascertaining your major achievements.  These are designed to more effectively 'sell you' to prospective employers within your career interest area.
  3. From the receipt of your return answers, a draft CV will be prepared within three to five business days for your assessment.  From this stage, final sign off can take place almost immediately.


Can I Meet With You Instead?

Of course!  Please contact us on (04) 474 2340 or FREEPHONE (0800) KP SOLUTIONS (0800 577 658) to arrange a time!


How do I Get Started?  

Option One - If you do not have a current CV, click here to complete our online form

This form will take approximately five to ten minutes to complete.  When you are finished, press the 'Submit Data To Be Created' button at the bottom of the page.  We wish to gain only general data in the form initially.  Once we receive your information, we will then be in contact to discuss your personal data and create a list of specialist questions specifically aimed at 'drawing out' your major achievements.  Start the online form by clicking here...
IMPORTANT :    Some fields you may not have data for.  If this is the case, just fill in as much as you can and submit the form to us so we can get started ASAP!

Option Two - If you have a copy of an old CV you wish to email to us

Email your CV to  If you prefer to complete our form instead, please click here to start the form.

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